Little boy has ultra-rare ‘uncontrollable hair syndrome’ which makes strands rise up on finish

ByClaire Toureille For Mailonline


Six-year-old Florence Patterson, from Newcastle, has had fuzzy hair since she was a tot on account of a uncombable hair syndrome.

Florence’s mother and father Jill Peddie-Jones, 43, and Kyle Patteson, 49, say they should face impolite feedback from strangers who’ve been heard exclaiming ‘have a look at the state of that youngster’ — with out considering that it’s a medical situation.

Some even attempt to seize and contact little Florence’s hair for themselves with out asking — forcing her mum and pop to induce her to ‘inform them off’.

Nonetheless, Jill and Kyle are educating Florence to embrace her bushy mane and cute photographs present the teenager proudly displaying off her luscious locks in her uniform on her first day again at college.

Six-year-old Florence Patterson, from Newcastle, has had fuzzy hair since she was a tot on account of a uncombable hair syndrome 

Jill, who works as a marketing consultant, mentioned: ‘Florence is conscious that everybody stares at her.

‘Strangers contact her or seize her hair so we’ve taught her to inform them off and inform folks that they’ll’t contact her. It’s been identified that her hair is much like Einstein’s.

‘We get numerous derogatory feedback about how we should always have brushed her hair or feedback like “have a look at the state of that youngster.”

‘It does make you offended, however it’s important to stroll away,’ she mentioned. ‘It was unusual after lockdown, once we began going out once more, as a result of I had forgotten how a lot consideration she will get.

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‘Wherever we go, individuals stroll previous with their mouths extensive open. We do get good feedback as properly however a lot of the unfavourable consideration she will get is from adults, they aren’t as accepting as children.

‘Everybody within the space is aware of her because the child with the hair.’

Florence's mother Jill Patterson said she's had to teach her daughter, pictured, to fend off strangers' unwanted remarks and attention

Florence’s mom Jill Patterson mentioned she’s needed to educate her daughter, pictured, to fend off strangers’ undesirable remarks and a focus 

Jill revealed that prying people try to touch Florence's hair without permission or comment on her looks

Jill revealed that prying individuals attempt to contact Florence’s hair with out permission or touch upon her appears to be like 

Lawyer Kyle added: ‘Florence is assured, that’s how we’ve introduced her up.

‘She’s at all times attracting consideration whether or not it’s wished or undesirable so she must be ready for that in later life.

‘We don’t need it to outline her however we all know that some individuals will outline her by her hair so she simply have to embrace it.

‘It’s a part of her persona. Folks have accepted her at college and she or he’s bought a great deal of mates as a result of her persona shines by way of.’

The yr one pupil has three sisters, Laura, 20, Amelia, 15, and Heidi, 12, none of which have the syndrome.

Her father says making an attempt to run a comb by way of Florence’s hair is inconceivable however the household have discovered their very own means of managing it.

Kyle mentioned: ‘[Combing her hair] is inconceivable to do.

‘We’ve discovered our personal technique to handle it which is to clean it within the bathtub, not within the bathe as a result of it doesn’t take in water and can keep bone dry, towel dry it, go away the conditioner in, scrunch it and pick the entire dreadlocks which takes ages however the subsequent day she’ll have essentially the most fabulous, blonde curls.

The six-year-old's mane is bushy and knotty, and in spite of Jill's best efforts, it had never been tamed

The six-year-old’s mane is bushy and knotty, and despite Jill’s finest efforts, it had by no means been tamed 

Florence in a rainbow dress and sunglasses, with her frizzy locks

The six-year-old excitedly picking up a Roald Dahl book at a local free library

Kyle mentioned it’s no use washing Florence’s hair within the bathe as a result of it doesn’t take in the water and stays dry 

‘Then the subsequent day it’s frizzy once more.When you attempt to handle it in a means that you simply’d handle regular hair, you’re preventing a dropping battle.

‘We’ve additionally been suggested not to do this as a result of her hair simply comes out and it’s very uncomfortable for her,’ he went on. ‘The situation additionally makes her nails develop extremely quick. We’ve got to trim them a few times per week.’

Florence has had frizzy hair since she was one however she was identified when she turned three after it was noticed by a health care provider who thought the trigger may very well be one thing extra critical. 

Jill mentioned: ‘We observed fairly early on that her hair was uncommon, in all probability when she was round one however we simply thought it was humorous.

‘When she was about three, we had been promoting a desk on Gumtree and the person who got here to select it up was a GP and he urged that we take her to a health care provider to get checked out.

Pictured: Florence in her school uniform ahead of the new term

The six-year-old, pictured having a snack with temporary blue dye in her hair

Pictured left: Florence in her faculty uniform. Proper; the six-year-old with momentary dye in her hair 

‘He thought she had a distinct syndrome so he thought it was necessary to get her coronary heart and eyes checked however she was identified with Uncombable Hair Syndrome which simply impacts her hair and nails.’

Kyle added: ‘Her hair doesn’t develop that quick however its very thick, which makes her overheat.

‘It wasn’t noticeable when she was born however when she was about one, it began sticking up in numerous instructions.

‘It was simply a part of her persona.

‘Fortunately Florence’s situation isn’t extra critical but when there are mother and father on the market considering their youngster might need the situation they need to go to the GP as a result of it may very well be one thing extra critical.’